Why FLR?

Responsive, Professional & Reliable

FLR Security are proud to offer expert security solutions that are competitive in price. We have a proven track record in supplying top of the range security solutions for all types of businesses; small and large, in various industries. Our security experts have developed skills and experience steeped in the latest technology. All of which adds to the great level of service we provide at FLR security, conscious of the specific needs and budgets of each customer.

We posses some of the finest fully qualified engineers who are responsible for the installation and maintenance of security solutions for every commercial space. At the same time, we possess a wealth of professionals who are responsible for monitoring the security of your business at our Secure Operations Centre, leaving you to focus on the important, day-to-day running of your company.

At FLR Security we have an extensive team of experts entrusted with working with you step by step to plan, install and monitor security and alarm systems of your preference for any type of business. Meaning the security supplied to our customers differentiates depending on the demands of each business.

At FLR Security we deem it necessary to work in tandem with police authorities to monitor, track and recover vehicles as well as protecting individuals in transit. This means that at FLR Security we have established a network of established authorities ensuring that our customers experience the most secure service that can be provided.

Unique to FLR Security our Secure Operations Centre keep a watchful eye on the premises and assets of our customers, 24 hours a day, a service which ensures maximum security for our customers through 24 hour monitoring and thus fantastic customer satisfaction and service.

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