Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Alarm Installers Across London, Kent and South East

Remote monitoring allows your property to be covered by our own fully accredited monitoring station with the SSAIB.

Our motioning station is a fully compliant alarm receiving centre, secure operating centre and remote video response centre. From early identification of possible threats to vigilant observation of potential fire and other hazards, remote monitoring allows your business to operate without obstruction or becoming vulnerable. We’ll liaise with key holders, police or private response services as required, co-ordinating and mounting a strong and immediate response to any potential threat to your business.

Remote Monitoring

With remote monitoring, you’ll turn the passive recording capability of CCTV into a responsive, pro-active element of your security setup. Our control centre is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we provide a virtual manned on-site presence without incursion into your daily business activity and for a considerably reduced cost. Should the worse happen, we will provide evidential quality digital video images and footage maintaining continuity of evidence for prosecution purposes. An FLR Security solution is all you’ll ever need to protect your business.

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