Personal Attack Alarms

Personal Attack Alarms & Panic Alarm Installers Across London, Kent & the South East

At FLR Security we are as dedicated to your personal safety and protection as we are to that of your business and premises. Our Personal Attack Alarms are fully approved and certified for use within the EU.

They can be used for protecting lone workers, the elderly or infirm or any other vulnerable individuals. Furthermore, the devices contain a tracking element for children, pets or high-value assets that require an extra level of protection.

Our devices are easily concealed upon the person or hidden away. Additionally, each Personal Attack Alarm device has a Panic Alarm feature. This allows our remote monitoring station to be immediately alerted to any potential attack or threat to the person or asset carrying it. With your location pinpointed at the press of a button, response services will be dispatched and on their way within seconds.

Panic AlarmWhy choose Personal Attack Alarms from FLR Security?

  • Locate the tracker with a simple text message or website lookup.
  • Cradle included for easy charging.
  • Our monitoring centre can listen and talk to the holder remotely.
  • Difficult to switch off.
  • Tamper-proof and fully water-resistant.
  • Works anywhere in Europe.
  • No upfront charges.

Available from £7.00 per month plus VAT (when VAT applies) on a 24-month contract.

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