CCTV Installations

Commercial CCTV Installers Across London, Kent and the South East

FLR Security in Kent only employs accredited and certified engineers to install the state-of-the-art CCTV systems we supply.

Whether you need to monitor a large commercial complex or are just looking for improved security in the home, our Commercial CCTV Installers have the expertise and product range to meet your requirements.

Each and every CCTV installation is as unique as the property and circumstances they are designed to serve. Our surveillance systems are tailored to fit your needs perfectly. We cater to all budgets with a relentless attention to detail and demand the highest levels of performance and customer service from our operatives and systems alike.

From a basic high definition analogue fixed camera system to fully integrated IP HD CCTV, we can provide every aspect of your desired security setup.

IP Range

FLR Security is one of the leading Commercial CCTV Installers supplying and installing IP surveillance systems.

Our networked solutions offer a state-of-the-art alternative to traditional CCTV for monitoring residential, commercial and public accessed property, serving a wide spectrum of safety and security applications. Through the use of high definition cameras, we can provide superior image quality of recordings that are already ideally set up for digital storage and distribution as required.

Digital recordings offer the high versatility and smart features we have come to rely on in modern life. From live video capture to the ability to simultaneously record and play footage over split screens, an IP system offers numerous user-friendly features, including digital compression for storage and replay on demand.

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HD Analogue

Analogue CCTV technology has been a staple of the security industry for more than thirty years and our commercial CCTV installers have a wealth of experience installing these security systems.

Whilst surveillance is moving towards IP technology, analogue systems are still a popular and cost-effective choice for many. HD analogue technology allows megapixel resolution and recording using traditional components, resulting in 1080p HD visuals. These cameras still use standard COAX cabling and NVR connections, which allows for easy integration into existing setups and makes them an excellent way to upgrade your system with little hassle or intrusion.

If your surveillance system could benefit from HD quality video but perhaps doesn’t require the advanced features of IP technology, then a HD analogue camera upgrade could be the ideal solution. We pride ourselves on being one of the top CCTV companies serving London and Kent.

We partner with a wide range of industry leading manufacturers, allowing us to tailor a system that meets your exact needs and requirements. From cameras to the provision and installation of a HD NVR capable of storing and processing the recordings, we have the product range and expertise to deliver a level of service other CCTV companies cannot achieve.

Commercial CCTV installers


Our specialist commercial CCTV installers work to the highest standards and are committed to providing you with first class, industry compliant cabling services and solutions.

We take pride in both our people and product line and insist on working with the best to provide the best. Coax cabling is an older system that although we are happy to work with, we do not recommend or use for new installations or our upgrades. It simply isn’t capable of the high speed data transfer or crosstalk reduction the more robust and effective alternatives offer. We’ll carry out a full survey of your existing system before presenting our recommendations.

These might include CAT5e/CAT6, an enhanced version that greatly reduces interference from different circuits and channels affecting each other, and capable of handling gigabit Ethernet levels of data. CAT6 cabling offers the next step up, with even further advances in data handling and interference isolation. For those looking to future-proof their network, CAT6 is the product of choice.

We also specialise in zero halogen housing for your cabling solution. Most standard cables are jacketed in polyethylene or PVC alternatives, which in a fire can release hydrogen chloride and holds the potential to form hydrochloric acid when it comes into contact with water. Our low smoke zero halogen cabling reduces the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted during combustion, adding an extra layer of protection to your security solution.